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Admonex, LLC is a multifaceted organization which maintains and operates several smaller initiatives and organizations ranging from computer equipment recycling to software and hardware development. 

Quality Companies - Admonex only operates companies that produce high quality products and services and adheres to the principles of quality management.  We have been heavily involved with Six Sigma and its teachings since our inception.
Integrity in Business -  Admonex believes in harboring high integrity relationships with its customers, employees, partners and suppliers.  We believe in doing business by treating others the way we would wish to be treated.
Abundant Opportunities -  Admonex is very selective in the projects it will pursue.  The belief that opportunities are plentiful guide the management team to prioritize and pursue only the best opportunities, but pursue them with intense vigor.
Unexpected Results -  Our people have been hand selected for their particular skills and strengths.  All of them share the desire to solve problems in unique ways that haven't been considered before.  In order to foster such an environment, all ideas are considered and creativity is not only allowed, but expected.  It is upon these principles, that we operate.



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